There are many animals who are killed for their fur. The fur trade is full of cruel and intolerable acts and we think that it is important for people to know the truth.

Warning: this is a topic some may find difficult to read (no graphic images included).

Fur farms

Did you know that fur farms exist? These are places where animals are raised so that they can be killed for their fur. 85% of the fur industry's skins come from animals on fur factory farms. They are usually kept in small wire cages their entire lives in appalling conditions, just to cut costs.

Because of the shocking conditions, the animals become extremely frustrated, to the extent that it causes them to bite their skin, tails, and feet and even cannibalize their cagemates.

When the time comes, they are killed in horrible ways including gassing, injections, poison or from a broken neck. I think we can all agree that this needs to be stopped!

Fur laws in China

Unfortunately, there are no laws against fur farms in China, so the way these animals are treated is appalling. They are brutally murdered, abused and some are skinned while they are still alive. It is shocking to know that these practices still exist.

On top of the awful violence, these farms also cause a lot of pollution. Feces contaminates the soil and water sources. The cremation of corpses pollutes the air, releasing a lot of carbon monoxide. Studies have shown that people living around these tanneries are often diagnosed with cancer, mainly leukemia.

Violence against animals for fur

It is heartbreaking. We could give many more details about the infamous violence against these animals, but you get the "gist". The fur industry is a real “death market” which takes the lives of thousands of animals every year.

In some countries, to make a single coat using one animal type, the following animals need to be killed for their fur:

  • 1x coat: 30 cats
  • 1x coat: 10 dogs
  • 1x coat: 15 wolves
  • 1x coat: 40 foxes
  • 1x coat: 8 seals
  • 1x coat: 40 rabbits
  • 1x coat: 125 stoats

Are all these deaths worth one coat?

We can all hope that one day these practices will cease to exist.

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