There was so much rubbish blocking the barn where Lazarus lived, that he was trapped in his own enormous shaggy fur coat. He seriously needed a visit to the doggy barber!

"From the state of the dog and the door, he must have been in there for quite some time," said C, a grommer who preferred to remain anonymous.

C. and Jessica Kincheloe, another groomer, were called by a neighbour who asked them to come to the aid of a dog whose owner was terminally ill.

 Lazarus, le chien sauvé de son manteau de fourrure

About a week before, they had gone to the house and liberated him from the room in which he had been locked before liberating him from his own fur coat. They took off more than 15 kilos of fur!

During his grooming session, Lazarus did not seem very assured at first, but as his fur fell, he realised that these people were helping him and he calmed down.

 Lazarus, le chien sauvé de son manteau de fourrure

Lazarus seemed to get a new 'leash' of life! He rediscovered the joy of walking, being petted and spoilt again.

"He let us touch him but he didn't seem to be very used to it. However, he got into the swing of things very quickly, especially when we gave him treats," said Jessica.


He was then taken to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a non-profit organisation that looks after animals like Lazarus. He now lives with a host family with whom he will stay until he can find a forever home.

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source : thedodo

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