Egg is not just another cat toy. No, this is a true companion for all my feline friends! It has the shape of an egg, but it acts and responds like a living animal.

Pet stores offer you cheap and uninteresting balls, that entertain your cat for a few minutes, and that you'll find a few months later under your couch... but never again. Egg is part of the new generation of entertainment for cats.

How does it work ?

  • Egg answers your cat by imitating the movement and erratic sounds of a small animal
  • Egg is rechargeable via a USB cable
  • Set the egg on different modes via the interface of your laptop

Egg is designed to become your cat's best friend, and can do lots of things:

  • It may come and go, even on carpet
  • Shake and make cute sounds
  • And most importantly : Egg detects interactions cats and tries to escape while making lots of noise !

Watch the video and if you are still not satisfied or against technological progress, you can still create and customize toys for your kitties!

Source and photo credit: Kickstarter

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