While strolling in a landfill near his home, a dog named Pui Thai made ​​a very unusual discovery: a young infant in a plastic bag!

Rather than continuing his walk, the little dog grabbed the plastic bag and brought it home. He then barked until he attracted the attention of his owner. The owners immediately drove the baby to the emergency hospital.

Une chien sauve un bébé trouvé dans une décharge !

The premature baby is now recovering and the authorities have not yet found his mother. Poomrat Thongmak, the dog owner is proposing to adopt the child, seeing this as a twist of fate. This is the first time the dog brought something home, the owners are still amazed. To reward this heroic act, the local Red Cross offered the dog a medal and Pui Miracle of Life Foundation gave a donation to the family to help them feed their three dogs.

Une chien sauve un bébé trouvé dans une décharge !

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