Emergency procedure can save lives, not only human's but also dog's. Today is a good day to learn how to perform CPR on a dog.

As a dog owner, learning this procedure might one day save your pet's life in an emergency situation.

Your dog is unconscious : they're not responding when you talk to them, not moving when you rub them. Immediately call a veterinarian or call for help and ask for someone to drive you and your dog to the veterinarian emergency clinic. While you are waiting for the emergency or on your way to the clinic, you can perform CPR so that the blood circulates in your dog's brain and vital organs.

How to perform CPR on a dog : 

1. Airway

First place the dog on their right side.

Open their mouth, pull out their tongue and take off whatever is in their mouth (vomit, objects). Make sure their airway is clear.

2. Artificial respiration

Before starting to perform artificial respiration, make sure that your animal is not breathing. To do so, place your hands around their snout so that no air can come out of the mouth and place your face close to their nostrils. If you don't feel any air coming out of the nose, you can start artificial respiration.

Keep your hands around the snout and blow 5 times inside the nostrils. You will notice the dog's abdomen blows up. Wait until it descends down to blow again.

3. Chest compressions

Now, check your dog's heart beat. You need to find their pulse, and ideally you will feel it inside their thigh. You may want to know where to find your dog's pulse, in case something happens. Tonight, try to find it and remember, it might one day saves their life.

If you are sure that your dog's heart is not beating, start cardiac massage. On the dog, find the spot where their elbow (joint of their front leg) meets the belly. That's where your want press to perform chest compression.

For a big dog, use one hand above the other, but for a smaller dog, only use the palm of one hand. For a puppy or very small dog, use your thumb.

Give 30 rapid chest compressions 

When you are done, blow twice into the dog's nose and repeat. 30 compressions, 2 breaths.

Every minute or so, check if the animal is breathing.

You can perform CPR for 20 minutes.

You hope you will never have to use CPR on your pet, but we advise every owner to know this procedure.


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