Even though rabbits aren't meant to stay in a cage all day, it is important to choose a model adapted to your rabbit and to take care of it properly. Doing this will help keep your rabbit happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Choosing a cage for your rabbit

To start off with, it is best to choose a cage with metal bars. Plastic bars can be dangerous because the plastic is toxic to them when they gnaw on it. Additionally, it is best to avoid plexiglass cages as there is not a lot of air circulation. When the temperature is high, the air inside can quickly become unbreathable for your rabbit.

You must also take into account the size of your rabbit when choosing a cage. Your rabbit must be able to stand upright without any problems. Additionally, if you have to leave your rabbit in their cage for most of the day, it's best to buy a cage that is at least 120 x 60 x 50 cm (around 47 x 24 x 20 in). These dimensions are for people who own a dwarf rabbit. If you have a larger rabbit, it will be difficult to find a cage that they will comfortably fit in. In this case, it is best to let your rabbit run free around the house or in a dedicated room.

Choosing a location for your rabbit's cage

It is best to place the cage in a quiet area without a television, radio, or household appliances. With that in mind, it should not be completely isolated from the house. Rabbits like being around their human companions.

Additionally, rabbits do not tolerate heat very well. For this reason, you should avoid placing your rabbit's cage in direct sunlight. It's also important to keep cages away from drafts.

Many people believe that putting a rabbit's cage up high is a good idea so that their rabbit can enjoy the view. However, rabbits hate heights! Furthermore, you would have to take the rabbit out of the cage, which would be bad for its autonomy.

Maintaining your rabbit's cage

It's important to clean your rabbit's cage at least once a week. Throw out any rabbit droppings, leftover food, and leftover water. After it out, it is best to wash the cage in a bathtub with soap and water. You can then disinfect it and the rest of your rabbit's accessories with a natural product such as white vinegar. Be sure to rinse off your rabbit's cage and accessories thoroughly. You can then refill you rabbit's water and food.

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