Let's be honest, we're all completely crazy about our dogs. If we probe a little further, we can't deny that we're sometimes a little weird around them too...

Apart from only ever buying their favourite treats, or talking to them in a really high, squeaky voice, let's be real - there are a couple of things that you probably don't want to admit you do... luckily our pets can't talk!

Don't believe us? Read this article and then have another little think about how weird you can be around them. But don't worry, your secret's safe with us - because we do the exact same thing!

#1. Giving them 50 million nicknames

Your friends might hear you called them 'sweetie' or 'cutie', but you might not want to admit to the other secret nicknames you give them such as "Baby love", "Sweetness incarnated", "Baby pickle monster-truck", just to name a few...

#2 Talking to them as if they're the cutest baby ever (which they are)

You don't tell other dog owners this, but your dog is obviously the most beautiful, fluffy creature to walk this planet. Ever. I mean, you're just loving them like they should be loved - your baby!

#3 Basically considering yourself their biological parent

You feed them, take care of them, cuddle them and love them with all your heart... That's what human parents do, right?!

#4 Letting them lick your face

Just try not to think of how many dog butts that tongue has been near...

#5 Cooking them little treats

Because everyone likes a bit of home cooking, why not your dog?!

#6 Buying them little presents when you go shopping

After all, they've been a good dog!

#7 Letting them sleep in your bed

Pretty much everyone does this. Go on, admit it!

#8 Having profound conversations with them

Others might not understand you, but your dog can see right into your soul. They get you. Like reallllly GET you!

#9 Thinking of stupid excuses to cancel plans and stay home with them

Have shower, get dressed, do make up, hair, go out, wait for friends, spend money, wait forever for a taxi, get home late... OR, stay in your PJs, veg on the couch, watch Netflix, eat popcorn, drink wine, snuggle with your dog... hmmm...

#10 Giving them food under the table so that no one can see

You know that it's a bad habit, but who can resist that look they give you?!

Can you relate to these habits? Don't be shy!

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