Living in an apartment with cats is not always easy; cat trees can often add to the space conundrum! So what can you do?

If space is an issue in your home, or you just love being creative and giving your cats the luxury treatment, it might be time to throw away those cat trees and start channeling Spiderman. Well, not literally, but wall climbing might just be your answer to space-saving scratching posts, all with the added bonus of an adventure for your kitty.

Founders of Uhuru Design,Bill Hilgendorf and Maria Cristina Rueda, did just that by designing a cool set of stairs for their two cats, Athila and Miles.

Dubbed the Kittyloft, the design is simple and minimalist, but mind-blowing for any cat. It even has carpeted stairs to ensure their four-legged fur friends can scratch to their heart's content.

Check out the images below to see this super designed kitty space. And let it inspire you to create your own kitty wonderland around your home!


Have you ever built climbing apparatus for your cat? Comment below!

Photo credits: Bill Hilgendorf and Maria Cristina Rueda

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