The decision to adopt an animal is one that should be taken into serious consideration before committing to a fury friend. Too often we hear stories of families adopting puppies and kittens because they are cute and small, just to abandon them as they grow older and become more of a task to care for.

This was the case with Riley, a loving pitbull from South Africa. Riley was abandoned at the age of three months, as her adoptive family believed that she was an aggressive dog. However, Riley was given a second chance to show her true colours and what became of her is inspirational.


This is Riley’s story.

My name is Riley and I am a four year old female pitbull. My story starts with me being rescued when I was three months old. The family that had me did not want me anymore because they said I was too aggressive.

I finally found my way to my new mom. She saw me and fell in love with me instantly. I have been helping socialise rescue pitbulls for four years now because I am very friendly and love the company of other dogs.


When I turned three my mom got a job working detection dogs in the airport, she and her brother were determined to train and work their pitbulls. Three of us pitbulls worked a year at OR Tambo international airport.

After a year’s contract my mom decided she wanted to rescue, train and work pitbulls. So now I am a working narcotics detection pitbull for MVD safety and security solutions, I still help socialise rescue pitbulls and I help out every weekend at my family’s dog school Aequitas veritas k9 training school.


I live with 19 other pitbulls that have been rescued and are being trained in all sorts of detection work. My dream is to prove to people pitbulls are misunderstood and show them our true nature.

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