Since the dawn of time, and across the whole world, black cats have been the subject of manifold myths. Certain myths are positive, while others are (literally) out of this world. These superstitions have sometimes lead to bizarre reactions from mankind, even more so than the cats themselves.

Even in modern times, there are still many beliefs that concern black cats. These dark-furred felines spend a lot more time than their lighter siblings in shelters and restrictions have even been placed in certain cities to prevent black cat adoptions around the time of Halloween. At this time of year, black cats are particularly at risk of been adopted in order to be sacrificed, or undergo other sorts of atrocities.

The myths that we are going to tell you about in their article are generally well known by most, but not everyone knows their origins...

All cats represent strength and protection

Since forever ago, Egyptian and Muslim cultured have venerated cats, whatever the colour of their fur. They were wondered as symbols of grace, and this can also been seen in Europe and Japan where, cats are also loved.

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Black cats are symbols of luck

In the south of France, black cats are considered to be magicians. According to superstition, they bring luck and prosperity to owners that treat them well and satisfy their basic needs.

According to various sailors' stories, these cats were chosen to accompany ships on long voyages to bring them good fortune on the seas. The sailor's wives thought that black cats would protects their husbands from the dangers of the oceans and would bring them back safe and sound.

In the Midlands of England, a black cat was considered as a beautiful present for a future bride. In this case as well, the cat was thought to bring her luck.

Black cats represent death

According to greek mythology, a slave called Galinthias was transformed into a black cat by Hera, the wife of Zeus, in order to punish her for trying to prevent the birth of Hercules. Galinthias then become a priestess of Hecate, the goddess of death. This story is at the origin of black cats' ability to predict death.

Black cats are the reincarnation of Satan

In the Middle Ages, black cats were associated with the black magic of the devil. Pope Gregory XI affirmed that Satan could take the form of a black cat when he walked on Earth. After this announcement in the 1233 Vox document in Rama, thousands of cats were killed in the century that followed.

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Black cats are the familiars of witches

In most households across Europe, black cats were omens of good luck. However, when the Protestants fled to America, black cats became associated with witchcraft.

It was the first colonisers that thought that witches could take the form of black cats. This was also around the time that the myth of cats' nine lives was born.

Black cats bring bad luck

Crossing a black cat in the road, according to American superstition, brings bad luck, just like going underneath a ladder or opening an umbrella inside.

All these myths, be they positive or negative, were imposed on black cats by humans. Nowadays, after centuries of superstitions building up, black cats are the most likely out of all cats to be left in shelters, not being adopted by families.

In order to combat this, here are 10 reasons to adopt a black cat:

10. You will spend less money on their Halloween costume

09. You will always be able to find your cat in the snow

08. Black cats are beautiful never mind the decor

07. You will never see your cat's hairs on your black clothes

06. Black cats don't worry about your colour!

05. Black brings out the colour of their eyes

04. Black cats are naturally elegant

03. Black cats are excellent hunters

02. Love doesn't have a colour

01. You will save a black cat from a shelter

Do you believe in superstitions concerning black cats? Do you own a black cat?

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