This baffling story takes place in November 2013, when Holly, the tortoiseshell cat went missing during a family vacation and returned home after 2 months and 300 km travelled!

Holly Goes Missing

Bonnie and Jacob Richter and family were at a rally in Daytona Beach, Florida when their cat went missing. Everyone was very surprised when she showed up just before the New Year in a garden less than a km away from home!

Holly Has Travelled Far

The Richters were sure that this cat was Holly, as it felt right and she had a chip for identification too. Scientists are baffled by the story as Holly’s pads on her paws were bleeding, indicating she walked for a long time. She also lost a lot of weight, going from 7 kilograms to only 4 kilograms.


The Mystery

It is a mystery how Holly found her home again, as she was a cat who liked to stay indoors and only ventured out into the garden every now and then. They believe that Holly’s survival instincts kicked in and this could have helped her.

Neighbours Find Holly

Just before New Year’s Eve, a neighbour of the Richters noticed a cat in their garden that was in bad shape. They took the cat to the vet and luckily she was not too badly injured or sick. They wanted to keep the cat but decided to check for a microchip first. This is how the Richters were finally reunited with Holly; she relaxed in their arms immediately and was taken home to recover.

It is amazing how Holly made her way home, has your cat returned to you after a long absence that you just cannot explain?


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