Have you ever heard of a surfing cat? Usually cats aren't the biggest fans of water, but this cat called Kuli is an exception!

The Unique Cat

This cute one-eyed cat is a big fan of surfing! He was adopted by two Hawaii residents, Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, who take him surfing every day. Kuli, which means to look blind, had surgery to remove his eye when he was just four months old. His owners think he tolerates water because of the baths he had to have after surgery.


Learning To Surf

Kuli learned to surf on a longboard when he was only six months old. He now uses a boogie board, so that he can catch the waves easily! At first he would only drift on the water on the longboard, but it didn’t take long for Kuli to start a catching waves.


Safety First

Kuli used to wear a life jacket before he was a comfortable swimmer. Even though he has no need for it now, his owners insist he wears one when the conditions are a bit rough. They would never, however, never take him out when it’s too windy or too rough.

We might just be a little jealous of Kuli’s new life!

Source: ABC news

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