We are not the only ones to suffer from the threats of certain insects. Thus, our animals must be protected, especially during the summer, and need to be monitored when left outside.

How to deal with mosquitoes?

Mosquito bites can give our pets serious diseases, but unfortunately quite common is heartworm disease or leishmaniasis. The risk is particularly high in southern regions. To protect your companions, you can buy an anti-mosquito collar . You can also vaccinate your pet against leishmaniasis, which will provide additional protection without being 100% effective.

Insectes estivaux : les bons réflexes à avoir

What to do with wasp or bee stings?

Stings like this are painful but are usually not dangerous, unless the animal is allergic or if the bug has stung in the throat, in the mouth or in the nose of the animal. Once an animal has been stung, the stinger remains in the animal. It should be removed by rubbing the skin with a fingernail or a credit card instead of a clamp to prevent the poison from spreading further.  To ease the pain, you can apply ice or a cold compress on the inflammation. If the animal seems really affected, go to the vet who will give you medicines.

Remember fleas and mites!

Fleas are present all year round but even more so in the summer. It is important to treat your pets regularly against these insects and to monitor them more closely for signs of itching on sunny days!

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