Yes, yes, your animal is the cutest. But maybe, apart from your precious kitty or doggy, these animals might be the most adorable in their respective species? We've found some of the most adorable animals on the internet just for your viewing pleasure.

Ready, set, go 'awwwww!'

Baby Yak Baby Wolf Baby White Moose Baby Turtle Baby Squirrel Baby Sloth Baby Skunk Baby Seal Baby Raccoon Baby Platypus Baby Pig Baby Panda Baby Otter Baby Octopus Baby Meerkat Baby Leopard Baby Hippo Baby Hedgehog Baby Goat Baby Giraffe Baby Deer Baby Crocodile Baby Chameleon Baby Aye Aye Baby Anteater

Source: 9Gag


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    Sach D Cute!

    Maria W They are all beautiful but where's the baby Opossums??