Have you ever heard of the dendrolagus? Or the tree kangaroo? This animal lives exclusively in the rainforests of New Guinea and Queensland in the northeast of Australia.


These tree kangaroos are mostly brown in colour. They also have golden yellow limbs and a gold and brown tail. They have special pads on their feet and hands to help them with climbing.

A Joey 

A little female joey was born in Taronga zoo. She is the first birth in more than 20 years for the Goodfellows program. These animals are similar to their cousins, the kangaroo. The ‘tree kangaroos’ can however walk backwards; this is something important when living in trees.

The keepers at the zoo are thrilled with the new addition to their big family. They say that keen- eyed visitors will be able to spot her peering out of her mother’s pouch, especially at feeding time in the morning.

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Due to deforestation and human activity, the dendrolagus is an endangered species. There are currently 46 tree kangaroos in a global breeding program, where only 13 are male.

Zoos all over the world are co-ordinating the breeding program. One male is placed with at least two females to enhance their breeding success.

The zoo will be having a naming competition; this is to encourage people to learn more about this unusual species.

Source: Buzzfeed & aboutzoos.info

Photo: Sam Bennett

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