Pets are part of our history

Pets have been a hugely important part of the human experience for as long as history goes back. First they were predators, then they were our competition, then they helped us grow food, and now they are our pets. Humans throughout the ages have been inspired by animals, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. But though forms of art may have shifted in popularity throughout the years, animals have always been a constant. To prove this, we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 favourite songs with animals in them. Enjoy!

10. Black Horse and a Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

This might be one of the lesser known tracks on this list, but KT Tunstall’s country vibe mixed with her whimsical anthropomorphisation of said Black Horse makes for a tune you can really tap your feet to.

9. Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Dark Horse

Well, horses sure are inspiring, because we have another song with ‘horse’ in the title! This song, however, is a completely different feel. It’s also not really about horses - Katy Perry has said that this song is about her relationship with food! Check out the video if you don’t believe us (take a closer look at what the pyramid is made out of)!

8. Dog Days are Over - Florence and the Machine

Dog Days are Over

This song builds and builds, from the almost gentle harp intro to the jubilant finale! This song has also been covered by Glee, proof of just how good a song it is!

7. The Lovecats - The Cure


This song is definitely a step away from the pop music we’ve looked at so far, but if you’ve never heard it before you should definitely take a listen! The cats mewling in the introduction sound adorable, and the catchy bassline will have you singing along in no time!

6. What Does the Fox Say - Ylvis

What Does the Fox Say?

If you don’t recognise this song, where were you in 2013? No one is saying that this song makes a great deal of sense, but as a tribute to the fox, it definitely serves its purpose. It will leave you with so many philosophical questions, for example, ‘what does the fox say?’

5. Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

Little Lion Man

This song was very big in the UK in 2010, and with good reason. We love Marcus Mumford’s coarse vocals and the foot-tapping banjo. This song will definitely make you want to get up and dance!

4. Anaconda - Nicki Minaj


Have you ever heard of a snake that only eats baked goods? Because that’s what this song is about.

3. Blackbird - The Beatles

BlackbirdThere’s no real need to explain the inspiration behind this song. Definitely the most emotionally moving song on our list, and also the most beautiful.

2. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Eye of the Tiger

This was so very nearly at the top of our list. The iconic epicness of this song is recognised throughout the world and is the perfect soundtrack for any workout, or when you want to make paperwork feel important. Go listen to it now. Do it.

1. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

Houng Dog

Oh, Elvis, you genius. So simple, yet so effective, this song takes us all back to those rock n roll days. This is the animal song to end all animal songs.

What do you think of our list? Do you think that there was something that was missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

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