It wasn’t the first time Benjamin, a miniature horse, had run away from home. But it was his first time visiting Connie and Craig Collum’s property. And he knew just what to do to get them to adopt him!

From neighbour to neighbour: Benjamin goes door knocking

It was the middle of winter in Helena, Alabama and Benjamin decided to go on another one of his wanders. Turning up at the Collum’s property, Connie and Craig thought they were looking at a giant dog running down the driveway. Turns out it was a small horse... or Benjamin!

Worried he was lost and could freeze to death in the frigid Alabama winter, the Collum’s were able to lure the mini horse with some hay.

The Collum’s had not long dropped their own horses off to be boarded for the winter and knew this little one needed to be kept safe and warm during the cold months.

But first things first, the Collum's needed to find out who he belonged to.

Turns out Benjamin didn’t live all that far away - just three properties along. But it wasn’t the response the Collum’s were expecting when the owner didn’t appear all that keen to collect him.

After waiting for a number of hours and keeping Benjamin comfortable and safe, the miniature horse’s owner eventually showed up. And the Collum’s quickly learnt that it wasn’t the first time Benjamin had wandered off.

Speaking of the owner, Connie recounted: "He also said that one time Lil’ Ben had escaped and walked over 5 miles to another farm where, during his journey, he had embedded a briar on top of his head between his ears. The briar was sticking straight up and people who saw him swore he was a unicorn. There were at least three reported cases to the Helena Police Department of unicorn sightings!"

The Collum’s also learnt that the neighbour had inherited the small farm from his parents, along with 20 miniature horses. However, 18-year old Benjamin was the only remaining horse.

"We think he was very lonely and wanted a new home with people that would love him,” Connie said.

Nevertheless, Benjamin went with his owner and returned home, and the Collum’s left it at that.

Benjamin the miniature horse returns!

Two weeks later, the Collum’s doorbell rang.

"I answered it and a man driving by said that my horse had escaped and was laying in front of our pasture,” Connie said. “I immediately responded, ‘Is he a miniature horse?’ He said yes, and I thanked him and said that he belonged to my neighbour, but I would go get him."

Leaving a note for their neighbour, the Collum’s decided to start making preparations to home Benjamin for the winter.

A few days later and Benjamin’s owner finally called asking if the Collum’s knew someone who would take him in. They’d decided by then to look after the horse, only giving him away if they found the perfect home for him.

A new forever home for this miniature horse

The perfect home was already at play as the Collum’s quickly fell in love with their new miniature friend, who also became a hit with their son and five dogs.

"The dogs’ presence seems to perk him up and he appears at times to have a much brighter and happier persona,” Connie said. “They all love going with us into the pasture to see Lil’ Ben and we think, with time, Benjamin will likely develop a close bond with our dogs."

Safe to say, Benjamin is now officially a Collum.

Source: The Dodo

Photo credits: Connie Collum Photography, LLC

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