This rescue wasn’t without its risks; the ice was extremely thin, with the potential to break beneath the weight of the firefighter and the dog.

A walk gone wrong

Snow has fallen on the gorgeous Canadian landscape, covering it in a thick blanket. What could be better than to take in the beautiful scenery than with a walk?

When the owners of this dog went out with him into the cold, they didn’t imagine what would happen next. They took off his lead to allow him to make the most of his time freely. Unfortunately, the dog took it upon himself to explore a frozen stream. Things suddenly went wrong.

The ice broken beneath his weight and the dog fell through, helpless. Upon hearing of the incident, the local fire department sent out firefighters to the scene.

The time it took them to arrive on the scene hasn’t been reported, but judging by the freezing temperatures, it must have been an urgent situation.

A firefighter bravely lowered himself onto the ice and slid along on his stomach to reach the dog. A rope was attached to him in case of emergency.

“Stay off the ice”

As the firefighter hauled the dog out of the icy water, he plunged in himself. Luckily the pair managed to get back to the river banks, to the safety of solid, dry land.

A video of the rescue was published on Facebook on Tuesday by Denis Pilon, the chief of the Swift Current fire department.

It is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by icy conditions, and the necessity to stay away from frozen rivers and lakes. The video was accompanied by advice from Pilon, who warned “stay off the ice”

Photo credit: Facebook - Denis Pilon

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