People Magazine has decided that this adorable dog named Caitlyn is their “Best Survival Story of 2015”.

People Magazine

This article will feature in a special double issue of People Magazine’s 2015 Pet Awards, in the Hero Pets section. She even has her own full page photo in the December issue of the magazine; she deserves the love and attention after everything she has been through.

Lost And Found

Caitlyn was found walking around the streets in North Charleston, South Carolina, in a bad state. The poor dog’s muzzle was taped shut and who knows how long she was suffering. Luckily she is a fighter, after surgery and a long recovery process; Caitlyn is doing very well since she was found in May.


An Inspiration

Caitlyn is now enjoying life at her permanent home and is helping other animals who have been abused, by raising money or simply being an inspiration for others. This very special dog has captured the hearts of many people with her incredible story and amazing recovery!

The Charleston Animal Society post updates on Caitlyn and all their other rescues regularly, go have a look at their Facebook page!


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