Unlike felines, dogs love the company of their owners and even other dogs. But to build a healthy relationship with your pet, they must learn to be home alone.

Positive reinforcement

Start by training your dog with positive reinforcement. Ask your dog to sit, and leave the room briefly. Then come back, and if your dog is calm, reward them, and if not ask for a sit or a down to reward them. Repeat the exercise by gradually increasing the time of absence.


A Calm Exit

Do not make a fuss before going out. Too much attention may increase your pup’s insecurity. Your pup will not understand your words but will have a heightened sense of something happening. Leave the house without saying anything to your dog, and act as naturally as possible.

A Calm Return

While it is nice to be greeted by a dog that is clearly delighted to see you, do not make too much fuss when you come home. It is advisable to ignore your dog if they greet you by jumping and barking. Start by taking your shoes and your coat off, stow your groceries if you went shopping. Only after can you take care of your dog!

Source: http://furtimes.com/leaving-your-dog-home-alone/

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