Owners of a house in the South East of Melbourne didn't realise that they had a two foot warrior in their midst. In fact they were fairly certain that their little Chihuahua was, well, just a cutie pie.

Little did they know at 3:15 am, a hero would emerge from the body of Taco, their pet Chihuahua when he came to the rescue as burglars entered the home of his owners in Maple Court.

They were alerted to the danger as Taco continued to bark and growl, and understanding that their might be an emergency, Taco's pet parents, Geoff Clarke and Donna Hillis thought it be best to investigate.

Needless to say their was an intruder in a black hoodie in their home, who had been startled by the hero that is Taco and fled leaping to safety over the wall. Unfortunately, with an iPad in hand that wasn't his.

Although, Geoff admits, without the help from Taco, he may have got away with so much more. Their American staffie, Baxter, slept through the whole ordeal and wasn't available for comment.

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