It's no secret that Pokémon-fever is taking over, and that every trainer in possession of the Pokémon app is on a mission to become the best trainer in the world.

We are however limited in that we have to search for the pokémon through our phone screens. But our pets seem to possess the ability to see pokémon in real life... have our pets decided to join our quest to catch 'em all?

These pets seem to be looking at pokémon...

pokemongo1-05-2016 pokemongo2-05-2016 pokemongo3-05-2016 pokemongo4-05-2016 pokemongo5-05-2016 pokemongo6-05-2016 pokemongo7-05-2016 pokemongo8-05-2016 pokemongo9-05-2016 pokemongo10-05-2016 pokemongo11-05-2016 pokemongo12-05-2016 pokemongo13-05-2016 pokemongo14-05-2016 pokemongo15-05-2016 pokemongo16-05-2016 pokemongo17-05-2016 pokemongo18-05-2016 pokemongo-cover-05-2016pokemongo19-05-2016

What do you think? Do you think that our pets can really see the pokémon? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: BoredPanda

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