Just like us, our pets are living longer than before.

In Europe for example, our canine friends now have a life expectancy of 11 years. A cat meanwhile lives between 16 and 20 years according to a study done by Royal Canine. Since 2000, the life expectancy of dogs has risen by at least 20% and 25% for cats.

Advance Medicine in Pets

The reasons for this are quite simple; better medicine and higher quality food. Sterilizing our animals has also significantly reduced cancer in dogs.

There is proof that animals live longer; 33% of cats and 43% of dogs are over 7 years old. This is the equivalent of 44 human years for a cat and 50-70 years for a dog, depending on his physique.

Life Expectancy of dogs

The life expectancy of dogs vary according to their size;

- A dog under 10kg: 12 years

- A dog from 10- 25kg: 10 years

- A dog from 25-45kg: 8 years

Dogs reach maturity between 5 and 8 years old, depending on their size as well, while cats only reach maturity at 10 years old!

Pet Health

The average amount of money spent on your pet’s health has increased by 170% since 2000, making an incredible figure! For animals over 12 years old, it is recommended that they go for a check-up every 6 months.

Therefore, continue to spoil your kitties and dogs, it’s good for them!

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