It is finally the summer: the opportunity to take your favorite companion to the sea!

Swimming is a great way for your dog to strengthen their cardio-respiratory system, muscles and breathing in general. In addition, it is for them the opportunity to refresh and unwind a little. But even if most dogs like it, some dogs are very scared of water. In this case, it is important not to force them, as this may make things worse.

Beware, swimming is not safe! Dogs can get tired quickly (especially bulldogs, pugs ...) so be careful that they do not drown! In addition, swallowing seawater makes them swallow a large amount of salt and your companion may have intestinal problems. Finally, your pet may suffer from diarrhea after their bathing: nothing abnormal, just to put them on a diet for the next 24 hours and hydrate regularly.

But these baths can also cause irritations, due to salt and sand. Thus, once home, give him a good shower with fresh water, without necessarily shampoo: the goal is just to rinse the salt and sand off so that the dog feels more comfortable. Be especially careful if your pet suffers from allergies because the skin reactions are stronger. Also watch the eyes of your pet, which can be irritated by the sand and wind, causing conjunctivitis. To prevent, rinse eyes with saline solutions or eye drops specifically designed for dogs.

Finally, do not hesitate to take  an emergency kit with you to deal with any insect bites, sea urchins, jellyfish ... But also if your companion is cut (in rocks, for example) or if he damages his pads (you can apply daily shea butter to treat his small crevices in summer and winter).

Now you're prepared, just enjoy the beach and your beloved pet!

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