Dog owners now have a fancy place to walk their pooches near the Hudson river.

The dog run opened Monday morning as part of a new $6.4 million section of Hudson River Park, which also features landscaped lawns and planting beds between Pier 25 and Pier 26.

This new dog space features separate areas for large and small dogs, pup-sized water fountains and gray-blue pavement designed to appear vibrant blue through a dog's color-blind eyes. Amazing isn't it?


What's insane is the whole project, including clearing the ground between Piers 25 and 26 to make way for the dog park, cost $4.8 MILLION!!

These federal funds could have been used to help animal charities and shelters. But I guess rich pet owners rather have a fancy place to bring their pets than help those who don't have a home... like this woman:

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this run to open,” said Serena Roosevelt, a TriBeCa resident and Pepper's owner. “Now our kids can play at the Pier 25 playground, and she has her own place to play.”

I think it's a shame, don't you?

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