Hello Hoomans,

Unless you live in a cave  - and even if you live in a cave - you've probably heard of birth of the new heir to the throne of England: George Alexander Louis!

All principalities around the world immediately congratulated the happy parents and offered lavish gifts. But only one really drew my "cattention": the Northern Territory of Australia's.

They offered the baby a very unusual gift: a baby crocodile! The egg was hatched on December 3, the day Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy, and the baby crocodile's parents are none other than William, a fine specimen of about 650 pounds, and Kate, superb female of 110 pounds! This couple of crocodiles was a gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their engagement in 2010!

Découvrez George, the royal crocodile !

George, The Royal Crocodile, is already a star! And yes, it even has fans and its own Facebook page:


Laters readers!
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