Li Jinbang, who is a young Chinese girl living in Guangdong, has posted pictures and a video of herself cooking a skinned cat on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.


This is unfortunately not an April Fool’s joke and has outraged internet users worldwide. The pictures and the video are very shocking and graphic and the girl appears to have no empathy for the cat.

In the pictures and video, you can see Li Jinbang handling the cat’s skin after dismembering it. It doesn’t stop there; she cuts the cat into smaller pieces to add to her soup. At the end of the video she enjoys this soup.


Helping a Friend 

Li Jinbang claims to have helped a friend of hers who had to put her cat down. The cat was apparently hit by a car and was suffering. Instead she feels she did the cat and its owner a favour and it did not go to ‘waste’.

In China, the consumption of cats has been illegal from 2012. We don’t know if Li Jinbang has been sentenced, but her Weibo account is no longer accessible.

Source: Direct Matin

Photo: Thinkstock and Eteignez votre ordinateur

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    Lay C So awful! I cant believe this!