Thanks to this family’s beautiful cat, they were alerted in time to escape a fire that destroyed their home.

Justin Benjegerdes’ family cat Miyu is a hero and the family is very grateful to have her!

Thanksgiving Day

Justin was home alone on Thanksgiving with his baby and her older brother. He had just put them down for a nap and his wife was still at work. Miyu was meowing so loudly that Justin heard her through the door and baby monitor.

Quick Thinking

Justin went to check what was going on and when he opened the bedroom door Miyu ran out, with smoke following her. He grabbed his daughter, his son and ran out of the house after phoning 911. Luckily Justin knew what to do because he had worked in a fire department, but seeing your own house burn down is something else.

A Big Loss

Unfortunately the family lost a lot in the fire and water damage from the hose pipes, including the baby blanket they brought Felicity home in from the hospital. The local community has been a big help to the family, staring a GoFundMe page for them.

Even though they lost a lot of material things, no one was hurt, all thanks to the bright cat called Miyu!


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