Following the results of a study showing that parents can identify their children by their smell, psychologists Deborah Wells and Peter Hepper want to find out if humans can identify their dogs through their smell too!

The two psychologists from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, got an amazing result of 88, 5% of people passing this test. To carry out their study; they made every dog sleep on an odourless blanket for three nights. After this, their owners had to smell two of the blankets which their dog slept on, the third was another dogs of the same size, sex and breed.

The owners were blindfolded so that they couldn’t recognise their dog’s hair on the blankets. Both psychologists gave the following summary:

 “The daily exposure to your dog’s smell can cause an unconscious learning of it. Interestingly, prior to the study most subjects were somewhat sceptical about their ability to accurately identify the smell of their own dog. However, the results indicate that the owners are aware of their companion’s odour.”

Do you think you can recognise your pet’s smell? 

Source: Adcanes

Photo: E-Health

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