In the United States, in 2021, a woman woke up with a serval in her bed!

That's right! You read correctly! A serval, which is a small wild cat native to Africa, was on the loose in Atlanta, Georgia.

An eventful awakening

On June 30, 2021 a woman named Kristine Frank was surprised by a serval in her bed. The Brookhaven resident was awakened when she felt something moving on her bed. When she opened her eyes, she discovered that the serval in front of her, looking at her. Kristine Frank said that the serval "was big and scary." As soon as she noticed the wild animal, she left the room screaming. The wild cat, on the other hand, took refuge in a corner of the room.

Kristine Frank's husband opened access to the patio so that the animal would not feel cornered and attack. This allowed the serval to run away to a nearby golf course. Traps were set in order to capture the serval without harming it and to be able to release it in a nature reserve.

Perhaps a domesticated serval?

The serval that Kristine Frank found in her bed is believed to have been a pet that escaped from its owner's home. While it is illegal to this type of animal as a pet in Georgia, the species is very popular amongst wild cat lovers.

Fortunately, Kristine Frank came away unscathed. She was only horrified by the situation. We hope that everything went well for the wild cat as well.

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