You may have noticed that Yummypets posts appear less in your Facebook news feed. If that’s the case, here’s what to do about it!

How can I continue to see Yummypets posts on Facebook?

It is highly possible that Yummypets posts appear less often in your Facebook feed. Facebook regularly changes its algorithms, and as a result "media" posts may disappear from your thread.

Firstly, if you are not following the Yummypets Facebook page, simply head over to our page and give us a "Like".

If you already follow Yummypets on Facebook, here’s what to do:

Using a smartphone, the process is the same:

  • Go to the "Yummypets" Facebook page
  • Tap "Follow", or "Following" if you’re already doing so
  • Tap "See first", which can be located on either the left or the right

From now on, you won’t miss another Yummypets post!

Do you follow Yummypets on Facebook?

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