December may have gone out with a bang with the passage from 2016 to 2017, but one thing remains to be settled - December's photo competitions!

For the last competition of 2016, we saw an incredible amount of photos - and incredible photos too! We were also offering one-off prizes from two partners: MonBento et Cheerz. For the following three categories, the total of submissions was over 1,200, with over 43,000 votes! Thank you to all the participants - there is no better way to bring in the new year than to look over all your wonderful photos!

And without further ado, here are the results.

My pet-burrito - with MonBento

With a total of 322 votes, the winner of this category is Menphys ! The best kind of burrito is the kind you share! Congratulations!

chat sacré de birmanie

For this months' categories, the choice for the Yummypets team was super hard! The final decision was to award  Lily as the winner. Well done for this very relaxing photo!

chat tigré

My animal loves wintertime - with Cheerz

With 179 votes, the winner in this category is Citronnelle, Diesel et Caramelle. Congratulations, make the most of the snow while it's still around!

chat harnais laisse neige

The team's choice went to this photo of the wacky Miracle & Moka. Well done for the photo, the delight is so clear on your face!

berger australien neige

The Big Christmas Contest

And to round it all off, here are the results for the Christmas category. There were hundreds of entries for this category, so a very special well done to the winners and all the participants who made up a very tight competition!

With 267 votes, the winner is Lena et Marko of Homega. Congratulations of the magical ambiance of your photo!

maine coon sapin

And finally, the team's choice went to this photo of Tyrion. This photo captures the warm essence of Christmastime - congratulations!

lapin bélier noël

Thank you to everyone who made a submission in our December categories - the choice was so difficult but we enjoyed looking through all of your entries! We would have loved for all of you to win! Well done to you all!

Make your way over to the photoshoot page for the January categories!

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