To get noticed, brands specialized in pet products and organizations become more and more creative. A brief overview of ads featuring animals...

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has released a spot last year to encourage users to adopt animals waiting in shelters. The conclusion of their spot is simple: if you like watching funny videos of animals, such as Georges (the beautiful ginger in video), you will love them for real!

To promote their wild salmon oil food supplement, Nutrivet chose to make an impression by combining the loss of hair from your pet with human baldness...


Do you know Henry le Chat Noir? This neurotic cat drags his boredom and melancholy in stylish videos, filmed in black and white... And in French please! He even won the first prize of the festival "lolcats videos" in Minnesota, with his video "Paw de Deux."

Friskies then asked his owner to turn 4 videos intended to convince the owners of tomcats their cat need a varied diet.

Here is the first spot in the series:


Cat's Pride is an American brand that specializes in hygiene products for cats. To announce the release of a new line called "Fresh & Light", the agency Doner has worked on commercials supposed to convince us that these products will make our kitties sweeter:

What is your favorite ad? Do you know others to share with the community? :)

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