As you know, at Yummypets we love all kinds of animals. Especially those who are part of our big family! Our community keeps growing, and we are already honoured by the presence of "Pets Stars" from all around the world! Let's find out what is so special about our famous Yummypals.

For some years now, a lot of animals have become famous on social networks. Sometimes thanks to their lovely little faces, or because they own distinctive features that makes them unique. Some of them joined the Yummypets adventure, and the time has come to introduce them all!

First, let's meet Atchoum

This atypical cat suffers from Hypertrichosis, a condition which causes extreme hair growth. This gives his fur a lush and furnished look. What we love about Atchoum is his "oversized tomcat" appearance that makes us want to cuddle him! If you see his pics, you won't believe your eyes!


And our sweet Nala <3

Nala is the only lady representative of our Yummypets stars committee. Everybody's jealous her beautiful blue eyes and her soft fur. This beauty came to us right from the United States a while ago. Don't hesitate to say hi on her profile page!


Oskar the cutest blind cat

Oskar was born blind but it doesn't mean he's not enjoying each and every moment of his cat life! The proof is in his photo album right here. From Seattle, United States, his routine is a valid cat routine. He sometimes even attempts things few other pets have tried before, such as skateboarding!


MJ the smiling Beagle

The only dog on our team! MJ is a year and a half old gorgeous Beagle. Our French buddy from Toulouse is very photogenic and enjoys striking the odd pose. You will certainly see him wearing the funniest accessories, but what is most special about him is this constant smile on his face 😁 Meet the most playful and cutest Beagle on Yummypets on his profile.

MJ the beagle

Speaking of cuties, do you know Monty?

Monty is the sweetest cat with an adorable personality. This Danish little boy will never harm the tiniest fly, even if it lands straight on his nose! "He loves both two and four-legged contact, but if he in rare cases gets nervous or doesn't like a certain someone, he'll let us know with a simple meow and never his claws ♥", says his owner. Meet the adorable Monty here.


Say hi to Pishoo!

Pishoo is a pretty Iranian cat. If you don't know him, go see his gorgeous photos! The black lines above his eyes look just like eyebrows that make him look like he's always surprised. I don't know about you, but personally, my heart is melting right now.


And say hello to Oreo!

Behind this mouth-watering name hides a handsome cat from Canada. His favorite pastime? Cuddling against his owner's feet! What a delight to own such a cute fur-ball :) He's also part of our pet loving family, so feel free to see his page right here.


At Yummypets, we also have OUR own stars!

Hey Yummypals, if you've been sharing this adventure with us since the beginning, you'll know how important you are to us!

This is why the next article will be about the most active users of our community. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to visit our dear Pet Stars and share your greatest moments with us!

Who is your favorite Yummypets Star?


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