Numerous stray rhesus macaques loiter around New Delhi looking for food, often becoming aggressive towards locals. To combat the monkey problem, officials got creative in a very unique way.

India responds to monkey problem with clever approach

To repel the stray monkeys, especially around government properties, the New Delhi city hires about 40 men with a very special skill: imitating animal calls.

These monkey-men imitate the call of the rhesus macaque's sworn enemy - the langur monkey. When the macaques hear this other long-tailed mammal approaching, they simply run away.

While the stray macaques ultimately return, the imitation calls help to keep them away from nearby houses and government properties.

Before implementing this new approach, citizens of wealthy neighbourhoods used langur trainers to keep the stray macaques away from their houses. However, it is against wildlife laws to keep langur monkeys in captivity due to welfare concerns, as well as India's high regard for the monkey.

Thanks to a clever, non-violent approach, stray macaques can now be kept at bay from many local areas.

Source: BBC

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