This cat was determined to prove that it is not only dogs that can rescue humans!

A Reddit user under the name of sc4s2cg told this unbelievable story:

While hiking across the mountains in Switzerland, this traveller got himself lost and ended up right in the middle of a completely deserted village. "I looked at my map to see how I could get back to the hotel but the only way down was closed."

It was at this moment that a cat appeared and guided the man across the valley, constantly glancing over his shoulder to see if the man was following.

After the man shared his story on Reddit, other users said that they had also met this cat, at the same spot! And they had photos to prove it:

Un chat aide un homme à retrouver son chemin

This little cat takes his job as guide very seriously, as you can tell in this video.

What do you think of this incredible story of the ghost-town cat??

source : boredpanda

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