Have you ever heard of a whalphin? Before today, I hadn’t either! The whalphin is a hybrid animal, bred from an Atlantic dolphin and a false killer whale. This is a very rare species and not many can be seen in their natural environment.

The whalphin was discovered 25 years ago when a female dolphin mated with a false killer whale at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. A false killer whale got its name from its similarities to the real killer whales. They are in fact part of the dolphin family.

These animals are rarely seen by humans and they can live for up to sixty years in the deep waters of the sea. Their reproduction cycle takes place every six to seven years, resulting in not many babies being born. Due to overfishing, this species is now endangered. Whalphins, the new breed of dolphins, are also endangered unfortunately.

Source : Earthjustice
Illustration credit: Tumblr

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