It shouldn't be complicated to make your home safe for a dog. Here's what you have to be careful about:

Dangers inside

  • Hiding your coins: Your dog swallowing zinc is a real medical emergency.
  • Chocolate - highly toxic for dogs: You should give them Pedigree® snacks instead, which were designed especially for them.
  • Toxic houseplants: plants such as dieffenbachia, lilies, philodendron and poinsettia must be out of reach.
  • Electrical wiring: If your puppy can bite them, they will. So plug them into the wall or place them in a protective sleeve. Remove electrical outlets when not used.
  • CDs & DVDs: A bite can break them into pieces. Your animal would be in mortal danger.
  • Bathroom and kitchen closet easy to open: Your dog could reach the cleaning products or pharmaceuticals.
  • Hot liquids as water, milk or cooking oil: Your dog must stay out of the kitchen when you're cooking in order to prevent them from making you stumble.
  • Toilets: Puppies can jump in it!
  • Open doors: You think that they can't reach the balcony or grab the children's toys, but they will as soon as they haves the chance. Automatic closing doors, a barrier for the kids and your alertness will prevent problems.

Dangers outside

  • Ponds & Pools: If your dog goes in, make sure that they're able to get out. Train your puppy to swim and get out as soon as possible.
  • Toxic plants: (see above)
  • Garbage cans: Very tempting for a greedy young dog, but potentially fatal.
  • The Garage: Clean up every spilled products, put chemical products and paint out of reach and check the cables.
  • Open barrier or perforated grid: If your garden isn't fully fenced, don't let your dog outside alone. Make sure to put a collar with your personal contacts written on around their neck, in case they run away (regardless of the tattoo or microchip that are mandatory).

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