Many rabbit owners are familiar with this problem. But why do rabbits like biting the bars of their cage? Does it taste good? This practice leads to a rather annoying noise. Yummypets offers you some solutions!

A way to reach you
If you run to your rabbit every time they bites their cage, this may become a way for them to communicate with you! Thus, when they are hungry, they will bite their cage until you respond to the request. That is why from the beginning, do not get into this habit. Rather than answering their calls, make sure to meet all their needs yourself, for example by giving them something to eat at a fixed time to create a safe environment.

A wild animal
Although domesticated, rodents are wild animals, with needs. Therefore, one of the reasons that your pet bites on the bars of its cage may simply reflect a desire to go out! Rabbits should romp every day, running, scratching, jumping... well, doing bunny stuff! A lack of exercise can, in animals, lead to a kind of aggressiveness. You must leave them the freedom to exercise. The best way is probably to create a park in front of their cage to explore at will, otherwise you have to let them out of their cage for at least two hours a day.

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Find distractions
A rabbit needs chew toys for fun and to use their teeth. One of the reasons rabbits bite their cage is out of boredom!
Another way to distract rabbit is simply to provide them with hay. Hay takes a long time to chew and therefore will occupy the rodent for a long time every day. Moreover, it is very good for their health.
Being a social animal, rabbits love to have company - to groom or be groomed by one of their peers, play or cuddle with them. If you have the means or the time for a second rabbit, do not hesitate.

Remember to have your pets sterilized. Besides, if your rabbit bites the bars due to an excess of hormones, sterilization is a good solution!

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