The 3rd and final instalment of 'little tunny's' guide to dog breeds... What happens when a cartoonist decides to stereotype dog characters? A very hilarious take on the personalities of different dog breeds!

Part 3 of 3 - little tunny's guide to small dog breed personalities

We've seen some hilarious interpretations of Grace Gogarty's (aka little tunny's) guide to big dog breed personalities and medium dog breed personalities.

Now, in the final instalment of her hilarious cartoon series, little tunny looks at small dog breeds. And again, we're loving her work!

The Pug

The Shiba Inu

The Yorkshire Terrier

The Chihuahua

The Shih Tzu

The Bichon Frise

The Dachshund

The English Bulldog

All cartoons by Grace Gogarty (@little.tunny)

Source: Bored Panda

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