It's important to train your dog and to also know about the characteristics and capabilities of each breed before you adopt your new best friend. Find out more about five obedient dog breeds below!

Not all breeds are as responsive to training as others. It is important to remember that whichever breed you choose training is vital for both them and you.

For active people looking to do exercise, sport or agility activities with their dog, breeds that can be easily trained often make the most suitable companions. You can find out more about sporty and active dog breeds here.

Whether highly active or not, all dogs need some form of exercise. And the easier you can train them, the easier it will likely be for you.

Five of the most trainable, obedient dog breeds

Border Collie

border collie

The Border Collie is undoubtedly one of the most obedient dog breeds. Thanks to their intelligence, many feel that Border Collies are the ideal companions. However, they have high energy levels and so need to run around a lot. They will also need proper training from a young age for true obedience.

If this is your first dog, you should consider going to a behaviour specialist for advice on basic training.



The poodle has been a popular breed for a very long time, and with good reason! They’re known for having a gentle nature, being highly intelligent and having the ability to follow orders. They are also usually a good breed for many allergy sufferers.

Apart from making a wonderful companion, if you're also looking to train them in dog sports then a poodle could be the perfect dog for you.

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd These dog have so many great qualities! They have lots of energy, are highly intelligent and, as they are traditionally used as sheep dogs, you know they’ll be able to follow your orders!

You can find out even more in this article.


Chien sportif : Epagneul Breton

The Brittany - another very obedient dog, this time with finely tuned hunting skills. Brittany dogs tend to be quick learners and have lots of energy.

However, because of this training needs to start early. This will help both of you to work out the best ways to burn off their excess energy. It is not particularly advisable to adopt a Brittany if you are not used to having dogs, and you are a training novice.



Lots of households welcome Bichon dogs, most likely due to their intelligence and easy-going nature. With four different breeds of Bichon - the HavaneseMalteseBolognese and Frise - these highly trainable and obedient dogs make a great fur friend. Especially if you live in an apartment!

They can suffer from separation anxiety though, and sometimes over-react when faced with larger dogs. Nothing like feisty!

It should be noted that each breed has its pros and cons in terms of training. Despite having the capacity to be well trained, no breed is born ready-trained and so patience and care will always be needed.

You may wish to get advice from a specialist before beginning training, and it is always advisable to begin at a young age.

How well-trained is your dog?

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