Today lets talk about house training your puppy! You may feel like your puppy will never learn and you will have to clean and scrub the house for the rest of their life... Don't worry! Here are a few tips to house train your puppy!

Know that potty training often determines all other trainings. This is a step to be taken very seriously. Because if the owner fails, they might feel unable to raise a dog and / or consider that their dog does not understand much.

On the "anatomical " point, your dog's sphincter control is not complete before 4 months. The puppy understands fairly quickly (around 2-3 months) not to poop or pee where they sleeps. It is more difficult for them to understand that now that they must do their business outside the house. If you decide to let them do their business in a specific location in the house, still remember that they will have to be taught to go outside as quickly as possible!

We recommend that you don't ask your friends at what age their puppy was house-trained, as it varies from one animal to another. The answer will bother you if your puppy is a little "late". There is no need to worry until 7 or 8 months, even if the standard is between 4 and 6 months.

Chiot Bouledogue français a fait pipi sur le sol

Here are 9 tips to house train your puppy

1. Be reactive : You must train you pup between 3 and 5 months.
2. Small accidents can happen:  Even a house trained dog can slip sometimes! Also, forgive small oversights due to emotion. Punishments are strongly discouraged in house training: it should be a positive education, based on rewards (cookies or candy).

Don't forget to reward your dog with treats and hugs when he does his business outside.

3. Never clean the "damages" in front of your puppy: your sitting position, sponge or mop in hand, will make them want to play.
4. Always act with patience and affection .
5. Surprise your puppy when they do something wrong, and take them outside to show them where to do their business.
6. Take your puppy out after meals, after their nap, after playing, in the morning and in the evening: the puppy has a small bladder, so take them out every 2 hours approx.
7. Work with a precise schedule: always take him out at the same hours (ditto when feeding him)
8. Never punish your pup if you find a small pee our poop in the house afterwards. Pets in general, do not understand deferred punishment. You have to catch them in the act.
9. Do not put your puppy's nose in their urine. They won't understand and it may have the inverse effect!

Good luck with your puppy's house training!

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