There are many contenders for the cutest animal on earth award; we could all name a few! But have you heard of Japanese and Siberian flying squirrels? These animals with their beautiful big eyes definitely have a strong chance of winning!

Flying Squirrels

The cute little animals fall under the Old World flying squirrels and can be found in Europe and in Japan. They don’t hibernate in winter; instead they can sleep up to a few days at a time. These little bundles of fur don’t actually fly either, they glide using a furry membrane between their back and front legs.


Impressive Skills

These squirrels have been known to ‘fly’ over 100 meters, from tree to tree or to get away from enemies! So not only are they adorable, they have impressive skills too!


Enjoy the pictures of the adorable flying squirrels; don’t you just want to cuddle one?

Source: Bored Panda

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