A recent video was uploaded onto the internet showing a cat dressed up as a monkey. While some people found the video very funny, others thought it bordered on animal cruelty.

The Video

The video was uploaded to YouTube on New Year’s Eve and called ‘Cat + Monkey 2016’. It has since been liked over 100,000 times and viewed even more. In the 14 second-long video, an orange tabby cat is seen dressed up in a furry monkey costume. The cat is ‘holding’ a banana and starts to lick it.

Animal Cruelty

Since the video’s release there have been mixed reactions. Some people believe that this is animal cruelty because it seems like the cat is not enjoying being in the costume and is ‘performing’. Michael Gearson has said that the cat cannot get out of the costume alone and is being forced to do this.

“Cats are NOT toys to be forced into silly costumes. For goodness sake it is an animal not a doll,” said Shirley Berry.

The Funny Side

Others, however, found the video hilarious and were quick to defend it against the haters. Tony Huber explains that if you look closely you will see that only the cat’s head is in the costume and that it could easily have moved away if it was unhappy.

“Happy New Year! Year of the monkey cat,” said Brittney Arch.

What do you think of the video; is it simply a funny video or are the owners being cruel towards their pet?

Watch the video here.

Source: News 965


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    carvalho l cute cute

    YummyOrNot Y Cats are not dolls I don't think it funny if the cat I joyed the costume then I would in joy but no this is not right🐱☹️