Keiko is a gorgeous Japanese Spitz, with a lovely smile! With a pet photographer parent, Keiko shares the most adorable photos of him on Yummypets, so we just had to have this interview! Enjoy!

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

We brought Keiko into our family just over two years ago. My husband and I first picked him from the puppies and dogs listed because he had this gigantic gorgeous smile. As a pet photographer, a puppy that was smiling was just absolutely perfect!! To this day he still has a fabulous smile. It’s one that we never tire of seeing when we come through the door and which people are always commenting on! Fortunately, as well as having a great smile, he is such a happy and beautiful little guy. We are so lucky that he’s part of our lives and couldn’t imagine being without him now.


Where does the name ‘Keiko’ come from?

Somehow we started a tradition of naming our pets with names that started with ‘K’ – cats Kali and Kimba and a bird, Kasey! So when we were thinking about names sticking with the K was something we thought would be nice to continue. Being a Japanese Spitz I started looking at Japanese words with meanings that we loved. We stumbled across ‘Keiko’, found that one of its meaning was ‘adored one’ and, as they say, that was that!

Tell us about a typical day with him?

Keiko generally sleeps on the bed with us and makes the best foot warmer! He will wake us when it’s time for him to head outside or for his breakfast – gently at first but then with more persistence if he thinks that a sleep in is not on the cards for today. Nearly everyday it’s the three of us that head out together for walkies, playtime in the park or a little bit of training time. It’s actually now something that we make a point of both doing together with Keiko and love that it gives us time every day to ‘catch up’ while we enjoy Keiko’s antics. Otherwise Keiko’s typical days involve rousing the cat, observing what’s going on in our street, informing on anyone walking past and snoozing! His favourite day time sleep spots are on the silk cushions on couch, by my feet as I work on the computer or in the doorway between two rooms so he can keep an eye on what we are both doing! Keiko cuddles at the end of the day on the couch are one of my favourite ways to unwind!

What’s his silliest trait?

Keiko can’t help but rouse the cat and, often, to his detriment. Kimba is older and has no hesitation standing his ground especially when all Keiko wanted to do as a puppy was play, chase and generally pester him. Keiko is not as persistent today but still will occasionally try his luck ‘playing’ with the cat.


What’s your best memory together?

We love to go places with Keiko – day trips or mini vacations. We headed to the beach, to the bush, to the farm and to alpine areas. Having him with us as we explore, dine or relax while away just makes it a perfect break for us. We love when he gets excited by something new and I love the opportunity to take photos of him in some of these beautiful locations.

You can meet Keiko on Yummypets here!

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