Fox or mink, the biggest catwalks are always full of fur in the winter collections.

In fact, over 70 % of designers use fur in their creations. In ten years, the global production of mink has doubled and reached 66 million in 2013.

Europe is currently the largest producer in the world with Denmark leading with more than 1,400 mink farms. The mink skin is the main good exported to China, where the skins are worked and sometimes sold.

Denmark is however subject to the recommendations of the European Council that set labels to guarantee the origin of animals and their health.

Some countries have decided to ban the breeding of fur animals like the Netherlands, the third largest producer of mink, which wants to stop everything by 2024. Norway, producing 1% and 4% of mink and fox, was given until the end of 2014 to consider a controlled dismantling of its industry and sustainable development.

We must say no to fur !

Source & photo : 20minutes

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