Today, we would like to share a beautiful story with you. A few years ago, in 2019, a Border Collie miraculously saved his three year old owner from drowning. It's amazing how much unconditional love can exist between a human and an animal!

Pets would do anything for their owners. It isn't just a myth. In the city, Mélisey, in France, a three-year-old boy fell into the Ognon river. When his parents weren't looking, he took the opportunity to play by the river. If it hadn't been for his dog, Max, the little boy would have been carried down by the current of the river.

Max to the rescue!

Max rushed into the water in an attempt to save the child! When Max reached him, the little boy clung on to the collar of the young Border Collie, waiting to be saved by his parents.

Once the little boy was brought to safety, he was placed under a thermal blanket before being taken to the hospital. "The water was cold and I slipped while throwing a pebble," the child told the French newspaper, La nouvelle République. Fortunately, the child was more scared than he was hurt. Thanks to his dog, Max, he came out of the water completely unscathed.

Praised by law enforcement

Following this act of bravery, Max was congratulated by the police. They even shared this story on social media.

The boy and his dog, Max, were the same age. They were raised together and shared a very close relationship. After this event, the both of them became even closer.

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Image used for illustration purposes only.

Source : La nouvelle république.

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