The woman in question was the president of an association supposedly in the defense of abandoned animals. This, however, did not stop her from putting down 2000 dogs and cats.

The horrible facts

This atrocity took place in the south of Spain.

According to the accusations, the accused and one other helper injected a lethal substance into animals without putting them to sleep first, and in order to save money, the dose administered was less than the recommended quantity. These dogs and cats therefore died in agony, to the point that the surveillance cameras were cut and loud music was played to prevent the sounds being heard from outside.

The woman was the president of a non-profit organisation, but didn't have any kind of veterinarian degree. The organisation was specialised in the adoption of abandoned animals in Andalusia, but other activities allowed the president to make money, including a private animal clinic as well as a grooming parlor.

Investigation and judgement

After the investigation, the prosecutor announced that the manager of the organisation as well as one of her employees had "sacrificed and cremated, between January 2009 and October 2010" about 2183 animals.

Since mid-november, the accused has been judged in Malaga, though she denies her guilt. "I have a phobia of injections, I have to look away because I hate needles", she explains in a video distributed on the El Mundo newspaper.

If judged guilty, this woman would be sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for animal abuse, illegal exercise of the veterinary profession and falsification of documents. A last hearing is planned for December 9th in the tribunal of Andalusia.

Source : Le Nouvelliste

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