Loyal, intelligent, active and beautiful... the Border Collie has many qualities and contributes enormously to family life.

For the energetic amongst us, here are three very good reasons why you should adopt a Border Collie.

1. The Border Collie is loyal to their pet parent

The Border Collie is thought to come from Scotland, or more precisely, the border between England and Scotland. Hence where the word 'border' comes from.

They are a very gentle, fun-loving and energetic breed. You will be expected to give them a lot of attention but in return are very affectionate, protective and attached to their pet parent. They can be sensitive but are fundamentally good-natured creatures.

border collie

2. The Border Collies is a very intelligent dog

Border Collies have a beautiful appearance. But aside from their good looks, they are blessed with an outstanding level of intelligence.

The breed has been used for years to guard flocks. They have an aptitude for working and possess a capacity for learning that is well above average. It is for this reason they were the breed of choice for many shepherds, and are still used today for their excellent working dog capabilities.

Border Collies also possess an adaptable and flexibility character, one of their biggest qualities. The breed is particularly disposed to parental commands and are easy to train; puppies as young as four months can learn to follow orders.

border collie

3. The Border Collie is a very active breed

An active dog, it is important not to neglect their exercise needs. The ideal setting for them is a wide open space, or at least access to large running areas at least twice a day.

Truth be told, Border Collies are almost inexhaustible. You may spend hours playing fetch, but you will probably tire out long before they do! They will suit an active farm lifestyle, or a very active family lifestyle best. As such, they are much less suited to older pet parents.

border collie

What do you love about Border Collies?

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