With only some basic information on your pet, the “animal communicator” can have a conversation with them!

Animal Communicator

For animal communicator, Valerie Lebon, anything can be learned; you just have to relax, meditate and follow the right techniques. To be able to communicate with pets, you must connect on the same frequency as them, alive or dead. You should then learn to distinguish among images, sounds, tastes, smells and even to feel pain.

Transmit messages to pets

Lebon explains: “I can ask (a pet) questions and transmit messages. I do not talk to people before or after. I just send by email what the animal has told me.” 

There are many followers of animal telepathy; this enthusiasm has even led to the Veterinary Waldensian Society creating a list of serious practitioners.

There are however many people who don’t believe in this. Alain Zwygart, director of the Waldensian Society for the Protection of Animals in France, does not know what to make of it.

What are your opinions? Are some people capable of reading our pet’s minds?

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